Can You Sleep With Contact Lenses?

26/4/2024 5:31 pm
Person sleeping with contact lenses

It's a common question among contact lens wearers: Can you sleep with contact lenses? The short answer is no, it's generally not recommended to sleep with contact lenses in, unless they are specifically designed for overnight wear.

Risks of Sleeping with Contact Lenses

Sleeping in your contact lenses can significantly increase the risk of eye infections, such as bacterial keratitis. The closed eye environment when sleeping reduces oxygen supply to the cornea and creates a moist environment that can encourage bacterial growth.

Other risks include corneal ulcers, eye soreness, redness, and potential vision impairment in severe cases. Prolonged lens wear while sleeping can also lead to dry eyes and discomfort upon waking up.

Exceptions to the Rule

Some contact lenses are approved for overnight wear. These lenses are typically made from highly breathable materials that allow more oxygen to reach the cornea. Even so, wearing lenses overnight should only be done on the advice of an eye care professional.

Contact Lenses Designed for Overnight Wear

Some of the most popular contact lenses designed for overnight wear includes:

It is, however, still crucial to follow the specific guidelines provided by the lens manufacturer and your optometrist if you are using extended wear contact lenses.

Best Practices for Contact Lens Wear

To maintain eye health, always remove your contact lenses before sleeping, unless they are designed for overnight use. Be sure to clean and store your lenses properly to prevent contamination and ensure the health of your eyes.

Regular check-ups with an eye care professional are recommended to ensure that your contact lenses are suitable for your eyes and that your wearing schedule is appropriate.


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